Presseschau 9. September 2009

Die Welt über ↑die Kunstrocker Muse

SZ-Musikblog: ↑Interview mit Elija Wald, dem Autor von „How The Beatles Destroyed Rock’n’Roll“

Noch lebt sie, aber der Guardian begutachtet schon mal das Vermächtnis der Cindy Lauper: ↑All hail Cyndi Lauper, queen of Queens

Quietus-Interview mit Diamanda Galas: ↑Talking Her Songs Of Exile

Interview mit Mercury-Gewinnerin Speech DeBelle.

Noch nie ging der Mercury an jemanden, der/die so wenig Alben verkaufte (weniger als 3000 in England): ↑Speech Debelle rises from streets of London to win Mercury Prize

Speech Debelle: The night I won the Mercury Prize

Und Ratschläge von einer, die es schon hinter sich hat – Ms Dynamite: You can lose your way after winning the Mercury Prize

Der Telegraphinterviewt Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout)

Drowned in Sound: ↑Interview mit Bob Stanley von Saint Etienne.

When paring down your music collection, is it OK to prune songs off classic albums? An aesthetic (and moral) dilemma…: ↑CD to MP3 the Hard Way

Automatic for the People, REM: A soaring, beautiful album, except for that Platonic ideal of retarded earnestness, “Everybody Hurts”. With that worthless can of corn gone, this album is perfect.

In My Tribe, 10,000 Maniacs: I decided to prune all of Natalie Merchant’s self-righteous social-issue-of-the-week songs. By my count, in this one album she tackles: child abuse (“What’s the Matter Here?”), illiteracy (“Cherry Tree”), substance abuse (“Don’t Talk”), militarism (“Gun Shy”), environmental abuse (“A Campfire Song”) and poverty (I think) (“City of Angels”). What’s left is diamond-like in its compact greatness, and I don’t have to listen to Merchant’s undergraduate public policy musings.

The Trinity Session, Cowboy Junkies: Perfect record, perfectly sequenced. Something I found out in college: Start slowly sipping whiskey with the first track, “Mining for Gold”, and by the last track you will achieve the ideal state of Hank-Williams-style drunken melancholia.

Hootenany, The Replacements: The title track, “Buck Hill” and “Lovelines” are such obvious filler, I’m only doing what should have been done in 1983. It’s a little scary cutting Paul Westerberg songs. He seems like the kind of guy who might track me down and punch me in the mouth.

Für die Kleinen. Cool Huntingempfiehlt das Indie Rock Coloring Book

Wer hat´s erfunden? Neue Doku über die Gründerväter des Hip Hop: ↑Brooklyn, not the Bronx.

09/09/09 -↑The Day the Record Industry Died

Liste mit Hörbeispielen: ↑20 tracks every techno fan should know

Happy Birthday: ↑15 Jahre Bloodshot Records

Legal Downloads:

Daytrotter-Session mit The Duke and the King

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