VA: England’s dreaming

Dieses Album ist das Ergebnis des Versuchs, einen Soundtrack zu Jon Savages Buch über britischen Punk in den 70ern zusammenzustellen. Da es aber einerseits Lizenzprobleme gab und andererseits Jon Savage lieber ein paar Lieblingssongs zusammenstellen wollte, finden sich jetzt britische und nicht-britische Songs, bekannte Hits und halbvergessene Sammlerstücke, aber alles durchaus den 70ern, dem Geburtsjahrzehnt des Punks, enstammend.


The Saints: Eternally Yours

„We got new thoughts, new ideas, it’s all so groovy
It’s just a shame that we all seen the same old movies.“

With those words, delivered in a bored drawl, Chris Bailey and his band the Saints took punk rock on a long detour in 1978. Even as they commanded a ferocious guitar-and-snarl power only a few of their contemporaries could match, the Saints knew the new music they were making wasn’t enough by itself. ‚Eternally Yours,‘ their second album, stands as a landmark because it put that knowledge into action– it fused punk energy with ambitious song stuctures and arrangements. Along with ‚London Calling‘ more than a year later, ‚Eternally Yours‘ made clear that punk could be integrated with other rock styles in an endless variety of combinations.