Mike Leheckas Inselplatten

For most people, this is an abstract question. But I actually had to decide which albums to take with me when I came to Germany. So to answer this question, I just have to look at my shelf and pick from among the 18 or so albums I have. Okay, Saarbrucken isn’t a desert island, but with the salary I get from Hinter-Net Gmbh, it might as well be. I actually came here with about eighty albums, but I’ve sold or traded most of those (thanks to Udo at Gimmix). Here’s what I’ve got left to choose from:

  1. The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds.
    I hope I get to take the new 4CD version with it would suck up a lot of the down time in paradise. Actually I don’t even have the box set yet, but the regular album would’ve been first on my list anyway. It’s as close as I could get to stuffing a friend in my suitcase. I know the last thing you need is yet more analysis of this album, but I’ve stupidly volunteered to write a full discourse on the box set for Hinter-Net in the next couple of weeks. Freut Euch!
  2. Humble Pie, Street Rats.
    I was trying to be a nice guy when I bought this. I read in Roland Schmitt’s Happy Boys Happy! book that European copies of this album have a song not on the American version. So I found one (thanks to Udo at Gimmix) to send to a friend in Minneapolis who loves Humble Pie, but do you know how much it costs to send an album to America? Something like 36 DM. At that rate I’ll take it with to the island instead.
  3. Sonny Vincent, Official Bootleg
    An epic overview of his legendary career. I got a copy as part of (all of, actually) my compensation for doing a tour with „the man who invented punk rock“ in 1992. Two cuts feature guitar from the late Bob Stinson.
  4. Suicide Commandos, Suicide Dance Concert.
    Speaking of inventing punk rock, these guys were the first punk band in Minneapolis, and their guitarist Chris was my boss once and he signed a copy for me, which I brought with me here.
  5. Ian Hunter, Overnight Angels.
    One of my favorite guys but not one of his best records. But it never came out in America, so it was his only record I didn’t have when I came here (the others are still at my brother’s house), and I bought it the first chance I had- 5 DM.
  6. Ronnie Lane, Anymore for Anymore.
    Like Pet sounds, this one would be on my list even if I had more to choose from. Made by a guy who was happy on a farm, so I guess it would make me happy on an island.
  7. Spirit, Farther Along.
    Thanks to Udo at Gimmix, where I got this one– 8 DM. Some of the album is about dying, which Randy California did in January– just off the coast of a Hawaiian island. Maybe not be the best good luck charm.
  8. Cheap Trick, Sex America Cheap Trick.
    I know it seems unfair to take along a second 4CD box set, but like I told Udo at Gimmix, if I can’t have sex or be in America, I should at least get to have my Cheap Trick.
  9. Hüsker Dü, Everything Falls Apart and More.
    The CD version with the bonus cuts and great liner notes from my old boss. Not the Commandos‘ guitarist, a different boss I had at the same time. It’s a long story actually.
  10. Chiefs Of Nothing.
    I got this from Udo at Gimmix. Actually it’s his band.

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