Mogwai: My Father My King

This is what happens when you read too much NME: Oh my god! This is breathtaking. After weeks of speculation, the new e.p. of Glasgow’s finest rock missionaries arrived. Just one song, but running for over 20 minutes. That’s a challenge, ladies and gentlemen. But not if you are – as I am – totally addicted to the one and only Mogwai sound. I’ve never heard anything like this before.

Oh yes, there are bands fighting on the same battlefield. Take Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Slint or Sigur Rós, but they use different weapons so to speak. Godspeed got the machine guns, Slint use the battleaxe, Sigur Rós are good with the soundless swords. And for Mogwai? They have got huge gun barrels destroying everything that crosses their way. They are perfectionists, geniuses. They are the professors of what we called post-rock back in the days when Tortoise crawled out of their crypt in Chicago. From 0 to 250 mile per hour within a second and vice versa. That’s what Mogwai’s terrific approach to guitar noise is all about. We can’t get enough of that (Check out the reissue of the mini-album „EP+6“ on Chemikal Underground!), so don’t let us wait too long to hear something fresh, new and ass-kicking. Cheers!

Mogwai: My Father My King

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